Appropriate Technology Asia


Bee keeping is common in many Himalayan regions. The bees are used for the production of honey, and the beeswax is used for candles and traditional medicines.

In terms of food security, bees are also indispensable pollinators, and maintaining healthy strong bee colonies can have a significant effect on overall crop productivity. According to Partap (1999), assisted pollination, as opposed to self-pollination, increases seed production in mustard by 131%, onion by 178%, carrot by 500% and sunflower by 635-3600%. In addition, many vegetable crops and fruit varieties, including apple and some apricot varieties, are dependent on assisted pollination.

By improving bee husbandry practices, ATA works to remove the risk of disease, increases the cold-tolerance of the hives and promotes the productive utilisation of indigenous honey-bee species to increase crop production through improved pollination.