Appropriate Technology Asia


Permanent Agriculture, or permaculture, is an agricultural technique that places great importance on the diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural species, thus increasing bio-diversity and local resistance to pests and crop damage.

It also places emphasis on locating resources close to where they are needed, reducing the labour and time needed in cultivation and collection. The emphasis on bio-diversity allows us to emplace a wide variety of species with a diverse range of useful characteristics, whether it be food production, medicine, pest control, fodder or fuel, and because the land is permanently protected by vegetation, soil erosion and moisture loss is dramatically reduced.

By maximising biodiversity and thereby intensifying production, the impact of local settlements on their surrounding natural environment is reduced, conversion of land into farmland is slowed or halted, and improved livestock management practices, home-grown medicinal herbs and increased local fuel availability significantly reduces the impact of resource extraction from surrounding environments.