Appropriate Technology Asia

Cooking and Heating

Traditional cooking and space-heating technologies are often not optimised for the fuels they burn and in mountain areas this is further complicated by the dual role that stoves play in both cooking and in heating.

Consequently, the introduction of new solutions is an extremely complex process - a smoky stove may for example play an important role in ridding the roof beams of pests, equally it is also inevitable that this stove is likely to dramatically increase the users risk of eye damage or cataracts. Consequently ATA works with users and craftsmen to evolve new stoves and cookers that meet local preferences while also demonstrating benefits in fuel efficiency, smoke handling and heating efficiency.

We use detailed thermal analysis techniques to ensure that these benefits are realised at a local level, and we work with local stove artisans to ensure that the finished articles are satisfactory to local people functionally, aesthetically and culturally.