Appropriate Technology Asia

Our India programme

is currently focussed predominantly in Ladakh and the wider area within Jammu and Kashmir, although we maintain a small presence in Chhattisgarh.


Our country office is based in New Delhi, and our office is comprised of a multi-ethnic staff of 5 people, giving us the linguistic capability we need to work with the wide diversity of ethnic groups found in the Himalayan regions of northern India.


Ladakh is one of the highest desert plateaus in the world. Altitude varies between 7000 to 16000 feet, and winter temperatures can fall as low as -60°C when wind-chill is taken into account. The severity of the climate is enhanced by the rain shadow created by the Himalaya, and precipitation levels are consequently very low, at around 50mm per annum.

Extreme climatic and geographic conditions render the rural areas remote, isolated and vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather cuts the links with some areas for most of the year, which often makes developmental work very difficult. Because of this long harsh winter, the agriculture season is also very short.