Appropriate Technology Asia

Adult Education

Adult education is crucial to the development of local communities. Although many villages place their future hopes and aspirations on the success and educational levels of their children, the reality is that in many areas a lack of money for school fees, and a shortage of labour mean that children often leave school before they have attained functional literacy.

ATA works to address this by placing significant emphasis on adult education in all our projects. We achieve this in two main ways.

Firstly, we aim to integrate the communities with whom we work in all levels of the planning and implementation process of the infrastructural components of our projects. This builds capacity and confidence at village level and allows the communities and focus groups to gain skills and influence that they may not have had the opportunity to express. Secondly we link this process directly with targeted and structured training in practical and pragmatic skills development - everything from masonry to beekeeping, midwifery to agricultural technology. These immediately usable skills assist communities in improving their standard of living, their economic participation and therefore make their goals of putting their children through a full education much more realisable.