Appropriate Technology Asia

Training Materials

Geographical isolation and widespread illiteracy denies the majority of mountain communities access to information. ATA believes that illiteracy should not deny people the informational tools that they need to change their lives in the ways that they see fit.

Consequently, ATA develops two main types of information, aimed at semi-literate and illiterate people respectively. Our literacy-based materials aim to teach language skills in a progressive and motivating way by teaching people useful skills, beginning with basic concepts expressed in very simple language and progressing gradually to more sophisticated techniques expressed in more complex language. In this way the training materials serve a dual role of improving language skills while at the same time imparting important information on a range of subjects ranging from hygiene to cook stove design to sophisticated agricultural techniques like grafting and hot-bed cultivation.

Our second approach uses 'literacy-independent' training materials to impart information in a completely visual way, using art and 3D graphics to present people with step-by step instructions in construction techniques and agricultural methods. This is particularly useful in communities where there is no history of written language.